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Jackson Christian School

Tuition Reduction Incentive Program
Jackson Christian School offers a tuition reduction program to all families.  This program is run by a group of volunteers.  You pre-order and pre-pay for certificates that are sold at face value.  The TRIP committee then takes the pre-orders and purchases quantities of certificates from participating restaurants, grocery, retail stores, and gas stations that choose to offer these certificates at a discount to nonprofit organizations.  These discounts are given by the participating merchants and are then passed on to JCS.  Merchant discounts vary from 2% up to 28%.  This discounted amount (minus 1% to cover TRIP expenses) goes into your TRIP account to accumulate until the "payout" in March.  Funds accumulated must be used for Jackson Christian School tuition and/or fees.  Friends and family can also order to help you accumulate TRIP funds.  You can also accumulate funds for another family or a future student's tuition and/or fees.  Funds for future tuition will accumulate each year until they are needed, with the "payout" also in March.  You may also choose to designate all or part of the account to the JCS scholarship fund or technology fund.

Registration forms and more information are available at the High School or Elementary offices.  Call (517) 783-2658, or stop by and pick up some samples.

Right now would be a terrific time for you to reconsider your participation in the TRIP program and Fun Funds. Many families start slowly with just the regular purchase of grocery and gas certificates. Recall some of the expenses your family has incurred this year. Could you use TRIP certificates and earn money towards tuition? Review the following list of savings and ask yourself if you could benefit from participating in TRIP:

Groceries Meijers, 4%; Polly's, 4%-6%
Gas Exxon/Mobil, 3%; Speedway, 4%
New carpeting Todd's American Carpet, 7%
New tires or Car repairs K&J Goodyear Tire Service, 5%
School shoes Payless Shoes, 13%
Payment on existing charges JC Penney Co, 5%, Kohl's, 10%
Christmas gifts KB Toys, 9%; Gap, 9%
Hobbies Jo Ann Fabric, 6%
Home repairs Lowe's, 3%; Menards, 3%
Books Borders/Waldenbooks, 8%
Phone Cards AT&T, 20%
Cosmetics Mary Kay, 11%
Eating Out Restaurants too many to list, 4%-20%

Trip orders are taken every Wednesday that school is in session.


Jackson Christian School
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