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Our plan is to install in each classroom a unit that will heat, cool, and deliver fresh air to the individual spaces. We will do this on an individual space schedule. The individual units can be installed without significant work on a wall in many cases. As a result, we can utilize a room in the school to replace the classroom having the unit installed. With that being said, this is where we need the help of God’s people. We need to raise funds separate from tuition dollars to support this project. The approximate cost for the whole project is about $195,000. About $30,000 has already been raised and the first section completed. This section included the 4th and 5th grade rooms which had very little heat coming in. Next up are the Kindergarten and 1st grade rooms down in the opposite wing in which we need about $21,000 to complete. The goal here is to to complete these 2 rooms and continue down the hall until the entire wing is complete. Once this is complete then the boiler can be totally cut off from this section of the school. We will continue to progress room by room until the entire school has the appropriate amount of HVAC units to function without the boiler.

We will be updating our current goals as we progress and complete sections. Be sure to check out this progress on our floor plans which will be located in the lobbies at both schools.

Jackson Christian School Jackson Michigan

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Summer Business Office Hours
Summer High School News for 2020-21
Summer Middle School News for 2020-21
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Aug 12  Fall Practices Begin JV/VAR
Aug 24-26  Faculty/Staff Orientation
Aug 24  Middle School Athletic Practice Begins
Aug 25  Elementary Back To School Open House
Aug 26  MS/HS New Student Orientation
Aug 26  International Student Orientation
Aug 27-29  Senior Retreat
Aug 27  First Day of School
Aug 28  MS/HS Retreat
Aug 30  All School Picnic
Sep 7  Women Who Care
Sep 15  Middle/High School Picture Day
Sep 22  Race for Athletics
Sep 22  Elementary School Picture Day
Sep 23  See you at the Pole
Sep 25  Homecoming-Formal
Sep 25  Grandparents Day, Elementary Students 1/2 day
Sep 26  Homecoming Game, Alumni Game and Fun Fair

Jackson Christian School Jackson Michigan

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