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Costs / Financial Aid

Tuition Costs

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FACTS Tuition Management
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Financial Aid
Cost Reduction

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The Jackson Christian School Cost Sheet provides complete information about kindergarten through twelfth grade tuition and fees. Making Christian education accessible to every Christian family who desires to partner with us is an important priority of our school board and administration. For most of our families, choosing Christian education requires sacrifice. Although sacrifice is not a popular idea in today’s culture it comes with great rewards. Parents, faculty and staff all sacrifice together towards the goal of equipping students with a biblical worldview in an academically excellent, God-honoring environment. Common sacrifice forms an uncommon bond; that bond is what makes JCS a family. Parents are given one opportunity to provide K-12 education for their children. Choosing an education grounded in a biblical worldview at JCS is a decision without regret.

Preschool School and Daycare Cost

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Financial Aid

We are pleased to offer needs- based financial aid. Last year about 50% of JCS families received financial aid to help make attending JCS possible. Once you have applied for admission and are accepted for enrollment you are eligible to complete the confidential Financial Aid application. Financial Aid applications are processed by FACTS Grant and Aid to assure a confidential and impartial process. Learn more about applying for financial aid...

Financial Aid Deadline Each Year:

Award notification no later than April 15th
Award notification no later than May 15th
Award notification no later than June 15th

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Opportunities to Reduce Your Costs

There several cost reduction opportunities that can help make tuition and fees more affordable. Some JCS families earn more than $1,000 each year to be applied towards their costs. Be sure to visit Reduce Your Costs for helpful information about bringing down the cost of tuition.

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