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Elementary School Academics

Elementary Academic Highlights
Every stage of academic instruction is designed to be the platform upon which the next stage is built. Jackson Christian Elementary academic programs are keenly focused on students acquiring the skills and knowledge that are required to confidently move forward. Our gifted and certified teachers use multiple teaching methods, including technology to challenge students with varied learning styles.

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Significant resources are devoted to developing strong readers, who have excellent comprehension skills. To enhance classroom reading instruction, all JCS elementary students participate in Accelerated Reader™ and weekly library sessions. “Leveled Reading” books are used so that students and their parents can map their reading progress.

Reading Recovery® is an early intervention program that has been used with tremendous success at JCS. Our reading teacher is a certified Reading Recovery Specialist who works with the lowest achieving first graders—these are students who are not catching on to the complex set of concepts that make reading and writing possible. Each student receives individualized tutoring until they achieve at least grade level reading and comprehension skills. It is true that, year after year, over 95% of Jackson Christian Elementary students read at or above grade level.
Language and Writing Language and Writing
Language is one of God’s many gifts to us as His creation. The Bible is God’s written communication to us which demonstrates the importance we place on the disciplines of language and writing. Grammar allows children to understand the complexities of language. Understanding parts of speech and diagramming, in the upper elementary grades, is highly valued in our curriculum. Spelling and vocabulary is also an integral part of our program. JCS “Writer’s Workshop” gets our students in the habit of writing so that they continually practice and improve on their written communication skills.
Math Math
Mastering math tables in elementary is fundamental to life and to advanced mathematics in high school and beyond. Saxon Math™ curriculum, and “Mastering Math Facts,” is used to help students grasp rudimentary math skills. Learning concepts, committing concepts to memory through practice, connecting concepts to each other and then applying them to problem solving skills is the process we use to help students achieve success in math.

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Our Elementary curriculum is rich in many disciplines and special learning opportunities.

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