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Elementary School Overview

When you walk in the doors of our school, you will see our motto, "Where kids count for Christ." Knowing the immense value that God places on each child drives all that we do at JCES. Visitors to our school often remark about the orderly, yet warm, atmosphere. We believe that children can best learn when they know they are loved and where there is structure and creativity. Our teachers are free to love and teach their students within an atmosphere of mutual care and respect. Loving discipline creates a calm classroom and develops children who respect teachers and also their peers resulting in excellent academic success. Learn more...

  • Friendship Friday
  • Reading Month
  • Jump Rope Jamboree
  • Science Camp
  • Names of God - 2nd Grade
  • Praying for Shoe Box Recipient
  • Science Camp

Our kids and teachers form a powerful team so that they accomplish great things academically, making each day fruitful. Spontaneity and imagination go hand in hand with a relaxed environment so that everyone has the opportunity to flourish. Our children thrive because they are provided with a complete and honest education. They learn about God’s presence in every area of academics, whether it is the incredible order of mathematics, the wonder of science, or the gift of language. Kids learn to see the awesome character and care of God demonstrated everywhere around them. Our test scores are proof that Jackson Christian education works.

Jackson Christian Elementary School (JCES) offers great extra opportunities to discover young actors, musicians, athletes and so much more. Performance opportunities, intramural sports, computer classes, unique field trips and stimulating chapels give our kids a well-rounded and exciting school experience.

Parents play an important role in the life of JCES. Parent volunteers coach our teams, prepare special hot lunches, listen to our Bible verses, and assist our teachers, plus much, much more. They are critically important to the wonderful success we experience.


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801 Halstead Blvd., Jackson, MI 49203
Phone: (517) 784-6161

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