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Elementary School Lunch Options

Many JCS students "brown-bag" lunch each day.
There are microwave ovens available for student use. Lunchroom aides are available to assist younger children.

School Lunch Options

Lunch "Punch" Cards
For the convenience of parents the following Lunch Punch Cards are offered.

Type of Card Punches Cost
Milk/Juice/Bottled Water
Friday Hot Lunch
Ala' Carte
20 Punches
10 Punches
1 Punch =.25¢, .50¢, $1.00
Amount as requested by parent

Daily Lunch
The "Lunch Counter" provides ala' carte options for purchase each day. Children can select from items such as; Yogurt, Cereal, Pizza Rolls, Chicken Nuggets, Fruit, and more…

Friday Hot Lunch
On most Fridays a Hot Lunch option is offered. The following choices are available for $2.00 and are provided on a rotating basis: Marino's Pizza, Subway Sandwiches and Fazoli's Pasta.



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