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Jackson Christian School is a partnership with parents and their churches.
Jackson Christian School is built on the three-fold cord teaching found in Ecclesiastes 4:12. Scripture teaches that when we “go it alone” we are vulnerable but when we are supported by fellow Christians, we become a much more effective team for Christ and His Kingdom. We believe that our partnership with parents and their churches forms a strong “three-fold cord” that is not easily broken in the life and development of children.

Our Administration Team values an open-door policy of communication. Our doors are always open for parents; we encourage visits in the office, email and phone calls with your comments, concerns and of course, good news!

Todd Barney JCS Principal/Superintendant
Todd Barney, tbarney@jacksonchristianschool.org
Associates Degree, Water Quality, Natural Resources, Lake State University, MI
BA, Biology, Spring Arbor University
MA Education, Spring Arbor University
Administration Staff
Holly Stanton International Student Director
Holly Stanton, hstanton@jacksonchristianschool.org
Lois Acker Business Office
Lois Acker, lacker@jacksonchristianschool.org
BA, Elementary Education, Cornerstone University, MI
Accounting, Accounts Payable, Payroll
Janet Sanford Admissions
Janet Sanford, jsanford@jacksonchristianschool.org
Admissions Director, Development Support


JCS Middle School/High School

Jackson Christian School
Colossians 1:18

801 Halstead Blvd., Jackson, MI 49203
Phone: (517) 784-6161

Jackson Christian School

4200 Lowe Rd., Jackson, MI 49203
Phone: (517) 783-2658

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