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Support JCS

Support JCS

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Financial support of Jackson Christian School is critical for the current and long term health and survival for future generations. Gifts are essential to bridge the gap between what we charge for tuition and the actual cost to educate a student. Becoming a donor, at whatever ability you may have, is a refreshing reminder to our students, families and staff of God’s provision and care. These gifts offer a life-changing experience for our students.

JCS is a 501c3 non-profit organization. Gifts are tax deductible and are acknowledged with a tax deductible receipt. Contact the JCS Development Office about making a difference through a gift.

Annual Fund - The Annual Fund bridges the financial gap and therefore plays an important role in annual financial health of the school. The 2019-20 Annual Fund goal is $120,000.

Financial Aid Fund - Gifts to the Financial Aid Fund makes Jackson Christian accessible to Christian families from all socio-economic backgrounds, who meet our admissions requirements. Today JCS is a reflection of the entire Christian community in and around Jackson. All aid is based on need as determined by an independent third - party processor. The 2019-20 Financial Aid Fund goal is $38,000.

Giving Together

Women Who Care™ Jackson Christian School Chapter
The concept is simple. Women who love JCS meet once each quarter and each give $100 to support a school project selected by the members.

WWC meetings are a quick 30 - 45 minutes. The group considers three school projects and each member casts a vote for one project. The winning project is funded through the $100 contribution of each member.

Attendance at the meetings is not mandatory. Members who cannot attend simply send their $100 gift to the school or use Donate Online, designated for the Women Who Care project. Learn more...

Women Who Care Pledge

Leaving a Legacy – Estate Planning

Legacy Giving
When we leave this earth we take nothing with us, however we can leave behind a legacy that reminds others of what was important to us. Leaving a gift to JCS through your estate plan can help secure the excellence and continued health of this vital ministry to children and families in Jackson. Most estate gifts are directed to JCS Endowments. Endowments will play a significant role in helping to control tuition costs while allowing the school to continuously improve and provide excellence. Contact the JCS Development Office.

Estate Planning

JCS Endowments and Their Purposes

FACULTY ENDOWMENT - To assist with retaining and attracting the best Christian educators possible by securing the school’s ability to provide faculty benefits such as health, continuing education and retirement.

FINANCIAL AID ENDOWMENT - Helping to make a JCS education accessible to families who cannot afford the entire cost through needs-based financial aid.

FAMILY ENDOWMENTS - Endowments established by families to fund a designated need. Rebecca Bracy Award Endowment, Marvin and Rose Brandeau Faculty Endowment, Hugh and Alice Howland Financial Aid Endowment.

GuideStream Financial

Jackson Christian enjoys a formal partnership with Guidestream Financial, one of the most trusted Christian financial organizations in the country. Through the school’s relationship with Guidestream Financial, friends of JCS enjoy access to highly skilled financial planning professionals who are like-minded believers. Guidestream professionals do not work on commission. Guidestream Financial is a division of the Free Methodist Foundation and serves Christian non-profits outside the Free Methodist Denomination. Contact the JCS Development Office for more information about access to Guidestream Financial through our partnership.


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