Kingdom Kids Preschool

Preschool for Threes & Younger Fours

Begindergarten for Older Fours & Younger Fives

Kingdom Kids Preschool is filled with warm and caring people who provide "exceptional beginnings for early learners." Our faculty members are highly trained educators who love the Lord and have a special giftedness for teaching our smallest students.

Kingdom Kids is a happy, colorful and stimulating setting, which opens young minds to absorb the early skills they will need for success in school. Our engaging activities are purposeful because we focus on academic readiness. We also provide lots of social and emotional learning opportunities for a well-rounded preschool experience.

Kingdom Kids Preschool
Kingdom Kids Preschool

Kingdom Kids Preschool has enjoyed a long-standing and well-earned reputation for preparing little ones for a great start in school. Our goal is to provide a fun, interactive environment to develop a lifelong love of learning. Our preschool teachers have special training in early childhood education. Kingdom Kids offers two programs for specific age groups.

Preschoolers and Begindergarteners will enjoy an innovative and highly successful phonics curriculum called ZOO-Phonics®. Zoo-Phonics teaches children all about animals: their habitats, their special characteristics, even their geographical location. Then we expand on those animal names to help children learn alphabet letters and sounds with an exciting, multi-sensory approach using music, visuals, movement and a multitude of activities! Foundational math skills, including counting, sorting, organizing data, and creating patterns and charts is all part of the fun!

For the Children

Preparing Them with a Great Start

While we are focused on preparing them for the big step of starting school, we are driven by the love that Jesus showed to the little children as they played around His feet. We believe that kids are the most important blessings God gives. The value God places on each child cannot be measured. We delight in nurturing them in our classrooms so that they fall in love with learning and with God right from the start.

For the Parents

Flexibility in Scheduling & Tax Deductible

We are focused on meeting the needs of our parents as well, so scheduling for preschool and daycare can be combined for greater flexibility. You may choose Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays, Tuesdays & Thursdays, or all five mornings, with afternoon daycare available until 5:30 PM. Kingdom Kids is licensed by the State of Michigan so that a portion of the cost is tax-deductible.

Kingdom Kids Preschool


Children whose 3rd birthday is prior to September 1st are eligible for this program.

Developmental testing is available by appointment.

Children love to touch, which means their classroom is filled with materials to help develop their small and large muscles. Our daily emphasis on language development builds new vocabulary and their new words are then put to use as they "dress-up" for dramatic play, create artwork, or retell the day's story.

Kingdom Kids Preschool


Four year olds who are ready for a little bit more Kindergarten readiness and young five year olds who aren’t quite ready for the big step into kindergarten.

Begindergarten is academically focused on the essentials of kindergarten readiness at just the right pace. Student's knowledge builds throughout the year as they mature and become ready for kindergarten success. Focus is also on social and emotional learning for a balanced preschool experience!

At Kingdom Kids, we offer parents three options for Preschool and Begindergarten.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday (or) Tuesday & Thursday (or) All Five Days

Class Time & Costs

  • Class Time: 8:00 -11:25 AM
  • Registration Fee: $100 per year
  • Tuition: $20 per morning
Kingdom Kids Preschool

Additional Details

5 Day Experience
If you would like a 5 day preschool experience, you can sign up for all 5 days.
Afternoon Daycare
A full-day option is available by adding afternoon daycare.
For Workin g Parents
Drop-off for preschool children begins at 7:45 AM. Before school care is offered at no charge.

Children who are enrolled in Preschool or Begindergarten may experience an "all day" option.

After school care is also available to all Jackson Christian Elementary Students each day for an additional fee.

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