Resources for JCS Families

Our partnership with parents is one of the most important relationships we nurture. We are continuously on a quest to improve the school and maintain our outstanding programs and provide resource to help all our JCS families.

Provided below is a quick way to connect to everything from frequently used forms and handbooks, financial aid guidelines, FACTS Tuition Management, resources such as TRIP for reducing your tuition, volunteering and more.

Making a difference for Jackson Christian School


Volunteering is Important

One of the reasons that JCS tuition is significantly less than other Christian schools nearby is that our parents, grandparents and friends of the school fill many roles that would otherwise require additional employees.

For example, our daily lunch program is staffed primarily by volunteers. If not staffed by volunteers, it would be necessary to hire additional employees which would increase the cost of tuition. The concession stand on the high school campus is staffed by volunteers as well. Annually 80+ volunteers put significant effort into our auction, which raises more than $50,000. The auction and the proceeds it generates would not be possible without our outstanding volunteer team.

Service Hours & Volunteer Opportunities

Every JCS family can choose to volunteer 25 hours or more during the school year, or if preferred, can submit a Family Service Fee of up to $625.

Volunteer hours are completed by March 31st of each year for the current school year. Service hours can be served and applied to the next school year, after April 1st.

Please note: The Volunteer Opportunity Catalogue link will be coming soon.

The Volunteer Opportunity Catalogue helps families plan their volunteer hours by providing a resource catalogue of many roles that can be filled by volunteers. Some are one-time events and some of the listings are for opportunities that reoccur each month or even weekly. The catalogue is updated annually. To make it easy to use, the information is divided by seasons and there is contact information provided with each volunteer opportunity.


Required Safety Drills

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